Poet: Marianne Boruch

Poet Marianne Boruch grew up in Chicago and earned a masters degree from the University of Massachusetts. She teaches at Purdue University and at Warren Wilson College. She lives in West Lafayette, Indiana.


Book:The Book of Hours

The Book of Hours

Marianne Boruch

Endearingly strange, unsentimental, and uniquely structured, in true Rilkean fashion The Book of Hours questions the meaning and significance of everything from the flaws of human interaction to perfect posture. Unrelenting honesty and exacting description are coupled with the trials of a dying mother, saint shadows, birds, and “shit drying to chalk.”

My mother’s body to wires, to tubes
and their liquid, days she turned toward me
or away, winter but so much sun
from car to door. I followed it past nurses
at their station talking movies, who’s good…[more]

Poems: New and Selected

Marianne Boruch

Marianne Boruch, one of the most thoughtful and searching of contemporary poets, here draws from her four previous collections, and adds a group of twenty-five new poems to make a volume that is truly impressive in its range and authority.

Boruch is not flamboyant or flashy, armored in theory or swimming with a school. Her poems build toward blazing insights with the utmost honesty and care. And their quiet authority brings readers back, sometimes breathlessly, to examine their reverberating centers and luminous recognitions.

As Stephen Behrendt has put it: “Boruch’s is a poetry about making visible what would else be invisible. It is about the risks—and the satisfactions—of confronting the many layers of anxiety and intensity that define modern existence.”

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