Poet: Philip Gross

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Book:The Water Table

The Water Table

Philip Gross

A powerful and ambiguous body of water lies at the heart of these poems, with shoals and channels that change with the forty-foot tide. Philip Gross’s meditations move with subtle steps between these shifting grounds and those of the man-made world, the ageing body, and that ever-present mystery, the self. Admirers of his work know each new collection is a new stage; this one marks a crossing new clarity and depth.
Book:The Wasting Game

The Wasting Game

Philip Gross

In these resonant, sometimes harrowing poems, Philip Gross grapples with difficult and unlikely subjects: ozone alerts (“In the ultraviolet light of what we know / the future begins to look pale / as the Middle Ages”); a sauna like “some lesser waiting-room / in Hell”; fluffy kitten postcards meant “for sore eyes, eczema’d”; and hotels marked UNSAFE STRUCTURE. All hint at our precarious futures, if not downright apocalyptic doom. The title poem provides a rare glimpse of the daily life of a daughter intent on starving herself, the “last night’s pushed- aside /…

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