Honor roll: Academy Award® for Best Motion Picture directors

Each of these rectors has been nominated for an Academy Award® for Best Motion Picture. They are ranked by honors given those films nominated for the aforementioned award.

1Steven Spielberg (74.93)17Jane Campion (28.44)33Gus Van Sant (18.48)
2Quentin Tarantino (58.45)18Gary Trousdale (28.43)34Cameron Crowe (18.47)
3James Cameron (42.48)19Kirk Wise (28.43)35Scott Hicks (18.47)
4Robert Zemeckis (42.45)20Clint Eastwood (28.43)36Robert Redford (18.45)
5Jonathan Demme (42.42)21Rob Reiner (28.43)37Andrew Davis (18.44)
6James Ivory (40.87)22Jerry Zucker (28.41)38Phil Alden Robinson (18.41)
7Oliver Stone (40.82)23Martin Scorsese (28.41)39James L. Brooks (16.48)
8Curtis Hanson (38.48)24Ang Lee (26.46)40Martin Brest (16.43)
9John Madden (36.49)25Kevin Costner (26.42)41Barry Levinson (16.42)
10Ethan Coen (34.47)26Bruce Beresford (26.41)42Roberto Benigni (14.49)
11Joel Coen (34.47)27Jim Sheridan (24.84)43Frank Darabont (12.45)
12Chris Noonan (32.46)28Neil Jordan (24.43)44Barbra Streisand (12.42)
13Anthony Minghella (30.47)29Peter Cattaneo (22.48)45Francis Ford Coppola (12.41)
14Ron Howard (30.46)30Mike Newell (22.45)46Terrence Malick (6.49)
15Mike Leigh (28.47)31Peter Weir (22.4)47Michael Radford (6.46)
16Mel Gibson (28.46)32Shekhar Kapur (18.49)48Penny Marshall (6.41)
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