Honor roll: Carnegie Medal

Each of these books has been nominated for a Carnegie Medal. They are ranked by honors received.

Book:The Owl Service

The Owl Service

Alan Garner

Something is scratching around in the attic above Alison's room. Yet the only thing up there is a stack of grimy old plates. Alison and her stepbrother, Roger, discover that the flowery patterns on the plates, when traced onto paper, can be fitted together to create owls--owls that disappear when no one is watching. With each vanished owl, strange events begin to happen . As the kids uncover the mystery of the owl service, they become trapped within a local legend, playing out roles in a tragic love story that has repeated itself for generations . . . and has always ended in disaster.

Book:The Edge of the Cloud

The Edge of the Cloud: Flambards - Book 2

K.M. Peyton

Christina and Will have escaped Flambards for London with their heads full of dreams, only to find a whole new set of problems. Not only the basic ones of work and a place to live, but Will's single-minded ambition to desing and pilot flying machines, which terrify Christina every time he leaves the ground. Will is certain he can become a success, but what price is he willing to pay for the glory? A Carnegie Medal winner in 1969, this novel is now reissued in a smaller format mass-market paperback.

Book:The Moon in the Cloud

The Moon in the Cloud: Moon in the Cloud - Book 1

Rosemary Jeanne Harris

A retelling of Noah's Ark

Book:The Grange at High Force

The Grange at High Force: Darnley Mills Adventure - Book 2

Philip Turner

When Arthur Ramsgill and his friends David and Peter start "Operation Bird's Nest" in All Saint's Church it leads them to investigate the strange disappearance of a statue from the church. But the boys have other distractions, like their friendships with the people who live in the village of Folly Grange and all sorts of exciting adventures, including building a mill-wheel and firing a cannon.

Book:Nordy Bank

Nordy Bank

Sheena Porter

Bron and her friends camp out on top of Nordy Bank, an Iron Age fort in Shropshire. Bron, normally a quiet girl, starts to act strangely and aggressively, as though she were a different person and the sudden appearance of a runaway Alsatian army dog makes them all uneasy. Its arrival leads to a strange sequence of events.

Book:Time of Trial

Time of Trial

Hester Burton

The setting is 1801, in a small dark bookshop on Holly Lane, in the shadow of St Paul's Cathedral. It is the home of Margaret Pargeter and smells of old leather bindings, parchment and ink. Her father's books and his bookselling are her life - or so they were until one day disaster strikes Holly Lane. A tide of anger against social conditions is unleashed, which means trouble for the Pargeter family.

Book:The Twelve and the Genii

The Twelve and the Genii

Pauline Clarke

The Bronte children first brought the twelve wooden soldiers to life, and now, more than a hundred years later, they are rediscovered by two modern-day Genii, Max and Jane. But the undaunted soldiers are now so dangerously previous that collectors from all over the world are searching for them. The modern Genii must find a place where the Twelve can be safe for ever. This is a story of great imagination, linking the present with the past.

Book:A Stranger at Green Knowe

A Stranger at Green Knowe: Green Knowe - Book 4

L.M. Boston

When Ping sees Hanno in the zoo, he is excited, but also unhappy. Hanno is a magnificent African gorilla, big and black and much stronger than a man. But how can this wonderful wild animal live in a cage, behind bars and locked doors? Then Hanno escapes from the zoo. And a few days later his footprints are seen near Green Knowe, the old house deep in the English countryside where Ping is spending his holiday . . .

Book:The Making of Man

The Making of Man

I.W. Cornwall


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