Honor roll: Carnegie Medal

Each of these books has been nominated for a Carnegie Medal. They are ranked by honors received.

Book:Watership Down

Watership Down

Richard Adams

One of the most beloved novels of our time, Richard Adams’s Watership Down takes us to a world we have never truly seen: to the remarkable life that teems in the fields, forests and riverbanks far beyond our cities and towns. It is a powerful saga of courage, leadership and survival; an epic tale of a hardy band of adventurers forced to flee the destruction of their fragile community…and their trials and triumphs in the face of extraordinary adversity as they pursue a glorious dream called “home.”

Watership Down is a remarkable tale of exile and survival, of heroism and leadership…the epic novel of a group of adventurers who desert their doomed city, and venture forth against all odds on a quest for a new home, a sturdier future,



Peter Dickinson

An attack in the dark, screams, burning huts…

Thirteen-year-old Theodore crouches under the trees. His father’s Mission has been destroyed. His father is dead. Theodore is on his own, fleeing the Chinese rebels of the Boxer uprising.

Then Mrs Jones appears. A botanist, Mrs Jones is a feisty, aging, good-hearted woman who has an amazing (and eye-opening) vocabulary and who adopts Theodore into her band of travellers. Fleeing bandits, the group enters Tibet, where they meet the old Lama who rules a monastery. But when the Lama says they have been drawn to him by destiny, and insists that Theodore, Mrs Jones, and her young Chinese courier Lung hold the clue to the birth of the long-awaited Tulku, or reincarnated spiritual master, there seems to be no escape…

Book:The Exeter Blitz

The Exeter Blitz

David Rees

Set in the Second World War at a time when Exeter is being bombed in retaliation for the destruction of German cathedral cities. Colin Lockwood stands on the cathedral tower as the bombs go off all around him. It's exciting until he realises how dangerous this all is for his family. How safe are they?

Book:The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler

The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler

Gene Kemp

Their last term at Cricklepit Combined School is full of the usual fun and madness, but then Tyke learns that much more is at stake. Is it possible to keep hapless Danny out of trouble? And what final surprise does Tyke have in store?

Book:Thunder and Lightnings

Thunder and Lightnings

Jan Mark

Victor was the oldest boy Andrew had ever met. How could he be so dim in school and yet know so much about aeroplanes? As their friendship grows; Andrew becomes more and more concerned about what will happen when Victor discovers that the Lightnings planes he loves so much are to be scrapped and replaced.

Book:The Machine Gunners

The Machine Gunners

Robert Westall

With Nazi planes raining bombs on England night after night, every boy in Garmouth has a collection of shrapnel and other war souvenirs. But nothing comes close to the working machine gun Chas McGill pulls out of a downed bomber. While the police search frantically for the missing gun, Chas and his friends build a secret fortress to fight the Germans themselves.

Book:The Stronghold

The Stronghold

Mollie Hunter

This tale is set in the first century on the island of Orkney. It was a time when fanatical Druid priests held power over ordinary people and Roman slave-raiders were frequent visitors. The young people are led by Coll, a boy whose inventive mind has devised the first chain of strongholds. Will they defeat the raiders?

Book:The Ghost of Thomas Kempe

The Ghost of Thomas Kempe

Penelope Lively

A funny story of the supernatural which won the 1973 Carnegie Medal. When the Harrisons move to an old cottage in Oxfordshire and are beset by small domestic disasters, they assume that James is up to his tricks again. How can he explain that he's plagued by the ghost of a 17th-century sorcerer?



Ivan Southall

For fourteen-year-old Josh Plowman, Ryan Creek, the country town that was settled by his great-grandfather, is a jungle compared to the city life he's used to. During his three-day visit his encounters with the young people of Ryan Creek move inexorably from mutual bewilderment and confusion to an explosion of violence.

Book:The God Beneath the Sea

The God Beneath the Sea

Leon Garfield, Edward Blishen

The story encompasses two great events; the first fall of the god Hephaestus, hurled out of Olympus by his mother Hera for his ugliness; and his second fall, when this misshapen artist-god is rejected by Zeus for daring to accuse his father of brutal cruelty.

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