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Each of these Criticism books has received at least one award nomination. They are ranked by honors received.

Book:Detecting Women 2

Detecting Women 2: Reader's Guide and Checklist for Mystery Series Written by Women

Willetta L. Heising

A reader’s guide and checklist for Mystery Series written by women.More than 600 series detectives created by women over 3400 mystery titles in correct series order titles indexed by mystery type and series setting more than 500 new titles released in 1994 and 1995.

Book:Teller of Tales

Teller of Tales: The Life of Arthur Conan Doyle

Daniel Stashower

This fresh, compelling biography examines the extraordinary life and strange contrasts of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the struggling provincial doctor who became the most popular storyteller of his age. From his youthful exploits aboard a whaling ship to his often stormy friendships with such figures as Harry Houdini and George Bernard Shaw, Conan Doyle lived a life as gripping as one of his adventures. Exhaustively researched and elegantly written, Teller of Tales sets aside many myths and misconceptions to present a vivid portrait of the man behind the leg of Baker Street, with a particular emphasis on the Psychic Crusade that dominated his final years-the work that Conan Doyle himself felt to be “the most important thing in the world.

Book:Lincoln at Gettysburg

Lincoln at Gettysburg: The Words That Remade America

Garry Wills

The power of words has rarely been given a more compelling demonstration than in the Gettysburg Address. Lincoln was asked to memorialize the gruesome battle. Instead, he gave the whole nation “a new birth of freedom” in the space of a mere 272 words. His entire life and previous training, and his deep political experience went into this, his revolutionary masterpiece.

By examining both the address and Lincoln in their historical moment and cultural frame, Wills breathes new life into words we thought we knew, and reveals much about a president so mythologized but often misunderstood. Wills shows how Lincoln came to change the world and to effect an intellectual revolution, how his words had to and did complete the work of the guns, and how Lincoln wove a spell that has not yet been broken.

Book:The Fine Art of Murder

The Fine Art of Murder: The Mystery Reader's Indispensable Companion

Ed Gorman, Martin H. Greenberg, Larry Segriff, Jon L. Breen

Features interviews, essays, photographic layouts, and recommended reading lists, with contributions by such notables as Robert Bloch, Dorothy Cannell, and Bill Pronzini.

Book:Doubleday Crime Club Compendium, 1928-1991

Doubleday Crime Club Compendium, 1928-1991

Ellen Nehr

Excellent annotated bibliography of the publications of The Crime Club, an imprint of the Doubleday publishing company. Includes a color photographic section of 24 pages showcasing a variety of dust jacket art. An essential book for vintage mystery enthusiasts.

Book:Detecting Women 3

Detecting Women 3: A Readers Guide and Checklist for Mystery Series Written by Women

Willetta L. Heising

The new big book is better than ever. The most comprehensive guide available for detective fiction by contemporary women, including 690 authors with 225 new since the last edition. Expanded author profiles and easy-to-use indexes. Characters, settings, mystery types, book titles, publication dates, awards, author pseudonyms and more.

Book:Killer Books

Killer Books: A Reader's Guide to Exploring the Popular World of Mystery and Suspense

Jean Swanson, Dean James

Winner of the Agatha Award for Best Mystery Nonfiction, By a Woman’s Hand was “a tour de force of a reference source on contemporary women mystery writers” (Nancy Pickard). Now Jean Swanson and Dean James have written a mystery guide with even broader appeal-by reflecting current trends in film, television, and mainstream fiction.

Killer Books is the perfect guide for discovering favorite mystery writers based upon readers’ personal preferences. For instance: If you liked the movies The Silence of the Lambs or The Usual Suspects, or TV’s “The X-Files” or “Murder, She Wrote,” this cross-referenced sourcebook will guide you to the types of writers and books you’d most enjoy. Brilliantly organized and indexed, with complete descriptions, author profiles and awards, Killer Books is the mystery guide that lets you navigate the maze of mystery-and find the books that you’ll like best. Includes special sections on: • cops • private eyes • legal thrillers • psychological suspense • historical mysteries • romantic suspense • capers and criminals • amateur sleuths • reporters, writers, filmmakers • sci -fi/horror mysteries • and more.

Book:“G” Is for Grafton

“G” Is for Grafton: The World of Kinsey Millhone

Natalie Hevener Kaufman, Carol McGinnis Kay

She is Kinsey Millhone, and for millions of readers (not a few of whom have named their newborns after her), she is far more than a creature of fiction. For millions of us, she is us (or how we’d like to be), and that is a large part of her appeal and our loyalty. Now for every reader who has ever shared Kinsey Millhone’s adventures comes this lively, informative look into her life, her work, her thoughts.

With the cooperation of Kinsey’s creator, Sue Grafton, who provided unprecedented access to her working journals, authors Natalie Hevener Kaufman and Carol McGinnis Kay have created a fully dimensional biography that will answer every question readers have ever had. It’s all here in a feast for fans that is full of facts and includes such features as time lines, maps, floor plans, case logs, and photos. But it’s also a revealing journey into the mind and work habits of Kinsey’s creator. You’ll…[more]

Book:The Oxford Companion to Crime and Mystery Writing

The Oxford Companion to Crime and Mystery Writing

Rosemary Herbert, Catherine Aird, John M. Reilly, Susan Oleksiw

From the penny dreadful, which challenges seekers of sensation to discover the truth in a pattern of gory details; to the twentieth-century detective novel, which offers an intricate puzzle solved through the application of the intellect; to the crime novel, which probes the psyches of the characters, the crime and mystery genre offers readers an intellectual excitement unsurpassed by other forms of fiction. Now The Oxford Companion to Crime and Mystery Writing provides scholars and fans of this genre with an authoritative yet playful compendium of knowledge about a literature known for its highly entertaining treatment of deadly serious puzzles.

Editor Rosemary Herbert has brought together 666 articles—written by such authorities as Edward D. Hoch, Sara Paretsky, and the late Julian Symons—that will accompany readers in their armchair investigations. Here can be found informative biographies…[more]

Book:Silk Stalkings: More Women Write of Murder

Silk Stalkings: More Women Write of Murder

Victoria Nichols, Susan Thompson

Silk Stalkings: When Women Write of Murder, first published by Black Lizard Books in 1988, began more than fifteen years ago as the authors’ personal shopping list. United by a common interest in crime and mystery fiction written by women and unable to find a reference source listing these titles, the team of Nichols/Thompson began to compile a list for themselves.

They have done it again—the result is the remarkable Silk Stalkings: More Women Write of Murder. That the genre has grown enormously since the first edition was published is obvious. The authors not only updated past references, but have also searched out and introduced new women mystery writers.

This book provides a comprehensive survey of series characters created by women authors in crime and mystery fiction from 1867 to 1997. The first half of the book categorizes 187 characters created since 1976, by profession, avocations, and inclination,…[more]

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