Honor roll: Dagger Award for Crime Novel authors

Each of these authors has been nominated for one of these awards: Dagger Award for Crime Novel, Gold Dagger Award for Crime Novel. They are ranked by honors given those works nominated for the aforementioned awards.

1Ruth Rendell (29.07)7John Hutton (10.33)13Scott Turow (8.37)
2Colin Dexter (18.7)8Peter Lovesey (10.32)14Dorothy Simpson (8.35)
3P.D. James (18.37)9Martin Cruz Smith (10.31)15William McIlvanney (8.33)
4Michael Dibdin (10.38)10H.R.F. Keating (10.3)16S.T. Haymon (8.32)
5Paula Gosling (10.35)11Desmond Lowden (8.39)17Ellis Peters (8.3)
6B.M. Gill (10.34)12Sara Paretsky (8.38)
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