Honor roll: Dagger Award for Crime Novel authors

Each of these authors has been nominated for one of these awards: Dagger Award for Crime Novel, Gold Dagger Award for Crime Novel. They are ranked by honors given those works nominated for the aforementioned awards.

1Tom Franklin (44.61)6Denise Mina (12.61)11Lauren Beukes (6.63)
2Steve Hamilton (36.61)7George P. Pelecanos (12.6)12Chris Womersley (6.62)
3A.D. Miller (24.61)8Mick Herron (10.63)13N.J. Cooper (6.62)
4Belinda Bauer (17.23)9Gene Kerrigan (10.62)14M.R. Hall (6.62)
5S.J. Bolton (12.61)10Becky Masterman (6.63)15Karen Campbell (6.6)
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