Honor roll: Golden Kite Nonfiction Award authors

Each of these authors has been nominated for a Golden Kite Nonfiction Award. They are ranked by honors given those books nominated for the aforementioned award.

1Russell Freedman (88.6)6Kathryn Hewitt (12.43)11Elizabeth Partridge (6.48)
2Walter Dean Myers (22.87)7Kathleen Krull (12.43)12Norman H. Finkelstein (6.47)
3Jim Murphy (20.82)8Marianne J. Dyson (10.49)13Susan Campbell Bartoletti (6.46)
4Natalie S. Bober (20.45)9Arlene Schulman (10.47)14Laurie Lawlor (6.44)
5Louis Sachar (16.59)10Elizabeth Cody Kimmel (6.49)
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