Honor roll: Hugo Award for Novel authors

Each of these authors has been nominated for an Hugo Award for Novel. They are ranked by honors given those books nominated for the aforementioned award.

1Orson Scott Card (87.5)12Arthur C. Clarke (26.63)23David R. Palmer (12.35)
2David Brin (65.08)13R.A. MacAvoy (26.34)24Patricia A. McKillip (12.3)
3William Gibson (61.11)14Larry Niven (25.02)25P.J. Beese (6.39)
4Gene Wolfe (59.03)15Julian May (24.33)26Todd Hamilton (6.39)
5Frederik Pohl (34.61)16Isaac Asimov (22.67)27L. Ron Hubbard (6.37)
6C.J. Cherryh (33.4)17Lois McMaster Bujold (22.39)28Jerry Pournelle (6.36)
7John Crowley (32.32)18Thomas M. Disch (22.3)29Anne McCaffrey (6.34)
8John Varley (30.95)19Bruce Sterling (16.39)30Donald Kingsbury (6.33)
9Greg Bear (30.74)20Joan D. Vinge (16.31)31Clifford D. Simak (6.32)
10Robert A. Heinlein (30.68)21George Alec Effinger (12.38)32Robert Silverberg (6.31)
11Vernor Vinge (28.72)22Bob Shaw (12.37)
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