Honor roll: John W. Campbell Award authors

Each of these authors has been nominated for a John W. Campbell Award. They are ranked by honors given those books nominated for the aforementioned award.

1Greg Bear (45.33)10Nancy Kress (26.44)19John Kessel (12.4)
2Bruce Sterling (36.92)11Vernor Vinge (22.43)20George Zebrowski (10.49)
3Neal Stephenson (36.46)12Paul J. McAuley (20.47)21Charles Sheffield (10.43)
4Kim Stanley Robinson (34.88)13Geoff Ryman (20.4)22Bradley Denton (10.42)
5Stephen Baxter (32.46)14Mary Doria Russell (16.48)23Poul Anderson (8.49)
6Joe Haldeman (30.48)15Greg Egan (16.45)24Sheri S. Tepper (8.43)
7Michael Swanwick (28.43)16Eleanor Arnason (16.42)25Paul Preuss (6.48)
8James Morrow (28.41)17William Gibson (14.42)26Ian McDonald (6.46)
9Michael Bishop (26.46)18K.W. Jeter (14.41)
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