Honor roll: Kate Greenaway Medal

Each of these books has been nominated for a Kate Greenaway Medal. They are ranked by honors received.

Book:The Dragon of an Ordinary Family

The Dragon of an Ordinary Family

Margaret Mahy, Helen Oxenbury

The Belsaki family appear at first to be an ordinary family, but they acquire the most extraordinary pet. Mr Belsaki is determined not to be a "fuddy-duddy" so he buys a "dragon, house trained" from the local pet shop. The pet dragon grows and grows until it fills their whole yard and starts to breathe out smoke and fire.

Book:The Quangle Wangle's Hat

The Quangle Wangle's Hat

Edward Lear, Helen Oxenbury

The Quangle Wangle is lonely in the Crumpetty Tree, until a whole host of creatures come to live on his (very large) beaver hat.

Book:A Dictionary of Chivalry

A Dictionary of Chivalry

Grant Uden, Pauline Baynes

This is a reference work that details the life and thoughts of Knights: their education and training; the stories they heard and read; the captains they followed and the men they led; but most importantly the complex chivalrous code they were sworn to.

Book:Charley, Charlotte and the Golden Canary

Charley, Charlotte and the Golden Canary

Charles Keeping

Charley and Charlotte are friends and live in the same city street. When the old houses are pulled down, Charlotte is whisked away to a new home high up in a modern block of flats and Charley is left below in the last old house.

Book:The Mother Goose Treasury

The Mother Goose Treasury

Raymond Briggs

This is a collection of 408 traditional and well loved poems and nursery rhymes, illustrated with over 800 colour pictures by a young Raymond Briggs.

Book:The Three Poor Tailors

The Three Poor Tailors

Victor Ambrus

The comical three poor tailors spend their lives stitching away, making coats for the people in the town. One day they decide to have a break to see the sights of the town for themselves.

Book:Shakespeare's Theatre

Shakespeare's Theatre

C. W. Hodges

Shakespeare's famous and now rebuilt Globe Theatre is brought to life with colour pictures and text. He describes how the idea of theatre developed from pagan festivals, to medieval religious drama, to Elizabethan plays.


Borka: The Adventures of a Goose with No Feathers

John Burningham

'Once upon a time there were two geese called Mr and Mrs Plumpster.' Each Spring they returned to the marshes of their ancestors, and Mrs Plumpster layed her eggs. Soon six fine young Plumpsters hatched: Archie, Freda, Jennifer, Oswald, Timothy and Borka. But Borka was different. Borka had no feathers and could not fly. When winter came the other geese flew off in search of warmer climates, leaving Borka all alone. But her adventure was only just beginning...



Brian Wildsmith

A.B.C is an alphabet book, illustrated in a fresh and free manner.

Book:Mrs. Cockle's Cat

Mrs. Cockle's Cat

Philippa Pearce, Antony Maitland

Mrs Cockle's cat, Peter, is cross and miserable from staying indoors. Even worse, there is no fresh fish to eat. The weather is so bad that the fisherman can't take their boats out to sea. Finally, Peter can stand it no longer and goes in search of fish, leaving poor Mrs Cockle all alone.

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