Honor roll: Kate Greenaway Medal authors

Each of these authors has been nominated for a Kate Greenaway Medal. They are ranked by honors given those books nominated for the aforementioned award.

1Michael Foreman (31.03)7Juan Wijngaard (10.35)13Helen Piers (10.32)
2Barbara Firth (10.38)8Selina Hastings (10.35)14Alfred Noyes (10.31)
3Martin Waddell (10.38)9Errol Le Cain (10.34)15Charles Keeping (10.31)
4Adrienne Kennaway (10.37)10Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (10.34)16Quentin Blake (10.3)
5Mwenye Hadithi (10.37)11Anthony Browne (10.33)
6Fiona French (10.36)12Angela Carter (10.32)
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