Honor roll: Kate Greenaway Medal authors

Each of these authors has been nominated for a Kate Greenaway Medal. They are ranked by honors given those books nominated for the aforementioned award.

1Emily Gravett (40.3)20Quentin Blake (12.55)39Mij Kelly (6.54)
2Chris Riddell (34.2)21Martin Jenkins (10.54)40Alan Durant (6.53)
3Mini Grey (33.65)22Shirley Hughes (10.53)41Alexis Deacon (6.53)
4Bob Graham (23.62)23Richard Platt (10.51)42Debi Gliori (6.53)
5Lauren Child (23.54)24Thomas Docherty (6.59)43Bee Willey (6.53)
6Helen Ward (19.65)25David Almond (6.59)44Andrew Matthews (6.53)
7Anthony Browne (19.12)26Marc Craste (6.59)45David Melling (6.52)
8Neil Gaiman (19.08)27Angela Barrett (6.59)46Nick Sharratt (6.52)
9Catherine Rayner (17.16)28Paul Gallico (6.59)47Giles Andreae (6.52)
10Oliver Jeffers (13.14)29Polly Dunbar (6.58)48Charles Fuge (6.51)
11Dave McKean (13.14)30Ed Vere (6.58)49Jez Alborough (6.51)
12Jane Ray (13.13)31Ross Collins (6.57)50Gretchen Woelfle (6.51)
13Christopher Wormell (13.12)32Lynn Roberts (6.55)51Ursula Jones (6.51)
14Cathy Tincknell (13.11)33David Roberts (6.55)52Nicola Bayley (6.51)
15John Kelly (13.11)34Berlie Doherty (6.55)53Caroline Binch (6.51)
16Simon Bartram (13.06)35Rob Scotton (6.55)54Helen Cooper (6.51)
17Nick Butterworth (13.06)36Tony DiTerlizzi (6.55)55Vicki Churchill (6.51)
18Russell Ayto (13.05)37Holly Black (6.55)
19Michael Rosen (12.55)38Ian Andrew (6.54)
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