Honor roll: National Book Award for Philosophy and Religion

Each of these books has been nominated for a National Book Award for Philosophy and Religion. They are ranked by honors received.

Book:Gandhi's Truth

Gandhi's Truth: On the Origins of Militant Nonviolence

Erik H. Erikson

In this acclaimed study of Mahatma Gandhi, the renowned psychoanalyst Erik H. Erikson explores how Gandhi succeeded in mobilizing the Indian people both spiritually and politically, as he became the revolutionary innovator of militant nonviolence and India the motherland of large-scale civil disobedience.

Book:Anarchy, State and Utopia

Anarchy, State and Utopia

Robert Nozick

In this brilliant and widely acclaimed book, winner of the 1975 National Book Award, Robert Nozick challenges the most commonly held political and social positions oaf our age—liberal, socialist, and conservative.

Book:Edmund Husserl

Edmund Husserl: Philosopher of Infinite Tasks

Maurice Natanson

Book:A Religious History of the American People

A Religious History of the American People

Sydney Ahlstrom

This classic work, winner of the 1973 National Book Award in Philosophy and Religion and Christian Century’s choice as the Religious Book of the Decade (1979), is now issued with a new Foreword and concluding chapter by noted religious historian David D. Hall, who carries the story of American religious history forward to the present day.

Book:Righteous Empire

Righteous Empire: The Protestant Experience in America

Martin E. Marty

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