Honor roll: Prometheus Award for Best Novel authors

Each of these authors has been nominated for a Prometheus Award for Best Novel. They are ranked by honors given those books nominated for the aforementioned award.

1Ken MacLeod (85.23)13L. Neil Smith (17.03)25Walter Mosley (6.56)
2Vernor Vinge (59.07)14Terry Goodkind (13.1)26Michael Crichton (6.55)
3Cory Doctorow (38.61)15Tobias S. Buckell (12.58)27Brad Linaweaver (6.55)
4Charles Stross (35.72)16Donald Kingsbury (10.52)28Kent J. Hastings (6.55)
5Neal Stephenson (35.05)17Iain M. Banks (6.59)29Elizabeth Moon (6.55)
6J.K. Rowling (26.54)18Edward M. Lerner (6.58)30Paul Levinson (6.54)
7F. Paul Wilson (23.64)19Larry Niven (6.58)31J. Neil Schulman (6.53)
8Michael Flynn (19.62)20Orson Scott Card (6.57)32Greg Egan (6.53)
9Chris Moriarty (18.54)21John Scalzi (6.57)33Karen Michalson (6.52)
10Harry Turtledove (17.17)22Aaron Zelman (6.56)34Steve White (6.51)
11Jo Walton (17.17)23Vin Suprynowicz (6.56)35James P. Hogan (6.5)
12Terry Pratchett (17.04)24Claire Wolfe (6.56)36Gregory Benford (6.5)
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