Honor roll: Royal Society Prize for General Science Book authors

Each of these authors has been nominated for one of these awards: Aventis Prize for General Science Book, Royal Society Prize for Science Books. They are ranked by honors given those works nominated for the aforementioned awards.

1James Gleick (22.62)10Nathan Wolfe (6.62)19Alex Bellos (6.61)
2Sean B. Carroll (10.63)11Lone Frank (6.62)20Jeff Forshaw (6.6)
3Gavin Pretor-Pinney (10.61)12Joshua Foer (6.62)21Frederick Grinnell (6.6)
4Nick Lane (10.6)13Steven Pinker (6.62)22Brian Cox (6.6)
5Caspar Henderson (6.63)14Brian Greene (6.62)23Henry Pollack, Ph.D. (6.6)
6Charles Fernyhough (6.63)15Ian Sample (6.61)24James Hannam (6.6)
7Enrico Coen (6.63)16Jon Turney (6.61)25Marcus Chown (6.6)
8Tim Birkhead (6.63)17Guy Deutscher (6.61)
9Callum Roberts (6.63)18Sam Kean (6.61)
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