Honor roll: Science/Technology books

Each of these Science/Technology books has received at least one award nomination. They are ranked by honors received.

Book:Chance and Necessity

Chance and Necessity: An Essay on the Natural Philosophy of Modern Biology

Jacques Monod, Austryn Wainhouse

Book:Science in the British Colonies of America

Science in the British Colonies of America

Raymond Phineas Stearns

The new Americas were endlessly exciting to early colonials and to European scientists as well. Raymond P. Stearns here brings together for the first time the full story of American colonial science with all its patrons, contributors, and contributions to the “new science” of the Western world from 1520 to 1770. His comprehensive overview, based on primary sources, provides a new dimension to the cultural history and literature of the American colonies.

Book:Bionic Parts for People

Bionic Parts for People: The Real Story of Artifical Organs and Replacement Parts

Gloria Skurzynski

No information available.

Book:The Cosmic Connection

The Cosmic Connection: An Extraterrestrial Perspective

Carl Sagan

In 1973, Carl Sagan published The Cosmic Connection, a daring view of the universe, which rapidly became a classic work of popular science and inspired a generation of scientists and enthusiasts. This seminal work is reproduced here for a whole new generation to enjoy. In Sagan’s typically lucid and lyrical style, he discusses many topics from astrophysics and solar system science, to colonization, terraforming and the search for extraterrestrials. Sagan conveys his own excitement and wonder, and relates the revelations of astronomy to the most profound human problems and concerns: issues that are just as valid today as they were thirty years ago.

New to this edition are Freeman Dyson’s comments on Sagan’s vision and the importance of the work, Ann Druyan’s assessment of Sagan’s cultural significance as a champion of science, and David Morrison’s discussion of the advances made since…[more]

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