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Picked to Die

Sheila Connolly


50 Essential Classic Adventure Short Stories You Have To Read Before You Die, Vol.1: Jack London, Robert Ervin Howard, E.Nesbit, Max Brand... (Golden Deer Classics)

Jack London, Golden Deer Classics, A.M. Chisholm, A.M. Williamson, Achmed Abdullah, Arthur Train, Buck Connor, Charles Beadle, Charles E. Van Loan, E.nesbit, Edward S. Ellis, F. Hopkinson Smith, Forrest Crissey, Frank L. Packard, G.B. Lancaster, H. Bedford, H.C. Bailey, Hamlin Garland, Hapsburg Liebe, J. Allan Dunn, James B. Connolly, Josephine Daskam Bacon, Marie Manning, Max Brand, Morley Roberts, Ralph D. Paine, Raymond S. Spears, Richard Harding Davis, Robert E. Howard, Robert Welles Ritchie, Rupert Hughes, Stacy Aumonier, Stewart Edward White & W.W. Jacobs



Lucy Irvine


Books to Die For

John Connolly & Declan Burke

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