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The Hidden Man

David Ellis


THE MEN WHO SHOT LIBERTY: 60 Rip-Roaring Westerns in One Edition

Zane Grey, Max Brand, Owen Wister, James Fenimore Cooper, B. M. Bower, J. Allan Dunn, Robert E. Howard, Bret Harte, Mark Twain, Jack London, O. Henry, James Oliver Curwood, Emerson Hough, Willa Cather, Andy Adams, Charles Alden Seltzer, Jackson Gregory, Washington Irving, R.M. Ballantyne, Frank H. Spearman, Charles Siringo, Stephen Crane, Grace Livingston Hill, Robert W. Chambers, Frederic Remington, Frederic Homer Balch, Will Lillibridge, Dane Coolidge, Marah Ellis Ryan & Forrestine C. Hooker


The Wisdom of Wolves

Elli H. Radinger

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