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Shopping for an Heir

Julia Kent


The Language of the Genes

Steve Jones


The Horror Writer: A Study of Craft and Identity in the Horror Genre

Ramsey Campbell, John Palisano, Chad Lutzke, Lisa Morton, Kenneth W Cain, Kevin J. Kennedy, Monique Snyman, Scott Nicholson, Lucy A. Snyder, Richard Thomas, Gene O'Neill, Jess Landry, Luke Walker, Stephanie M. Wytovich, Marie O'Regan, Armand Rosamilia, Kevin Lucia, Ben Eads, Kelli Owen, Jasper Bark, Bret McCormick, Steve Rasnic Tem, Stephen Graham Jones, David Owain Hughes & Tim Waggoner


Working with Dynamic Crop Models

Daniel Wallach, David Makowski, James W Jones & Francois Brun


Letters To My Grandchildren

Tony Benn


Frontiers in Autism Research

Valerie W Hu

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